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As a researcher, strategist, designer & architect I love to work on complex issues with both a societal and spatial impact towards a more sustainable future for all. The challenges we face as a global society in the fields of the energy transition, future water challenges, climate change, mitigation and adaptation, ecological sustainability and healthy urbanisation are paramount. Facing these challenges in a fair, solidair and resilient manner requires a genuine collective, inclusive and integral approach in which the built environment plays a key role. This is an enormous opportunity and responsibility and something I try to contribute to as a passionate, creative and committed professional.

→ experience in:
design research, spatial strategies, architecture, urbanism, (curatorial) research, writing/editing

→ favourite input:
data-driven design fiction, hardcore sustainability, climate change/mitigation/adaptation strategies, healthy urbanisation, smart densification, energy and other urgent transitions, reuse and transformation before recycling and preservation

→ favourite output:
publications, exhibitions, map(ping)s, diagrams and drawings, buildings, objects, spaces, places & non-places 

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