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Flevopolder - Concept•NL. New Prime-Minister’s Residence.

The brief for this project was to build a residence for the Prime Minister of Holland in the Flevopolder, the ultimate Tabula Rasa where everything is possible. I chose to respect the Tabula and be as little invasive as possible, maintaining the empty qualities of the landscape. The result is a reflective stealth-like object that blends into its surroundings while on the other hand emphasizing the landscape from inside via perspectival manipulations. The details of the necessary opeings enhance the building-as-object concept where they hide in plain sight, there is no door until it opens.


Facade designed in a way that flashes from camera or sunshine do not reflect towards photographers and Kodak-moments are not spoiled. Each room deals with a different perspectival treatment: drawing the landscape even closer inside versus pushing the landscape further away by means of converging or diverging walls that frame the view in different manners.


The building is the ultimate backroom or achterkamer and is turned into an infinite corridor without beginning nor end, forcing the politicians to resolve their issues without the possibility to sneak out before decisions have been made.


The construction principle of the building is planar triangulation. Detailing the ‘invisible’ connections; hidden gutter and seamless integrated traindoorsystem to maintain the continuity of the faceted facade.

Tutor: Remco Bruggink


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