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R’dam - For the creation of a philosophical education centre in the name of Desiderius Erasmus a sober concrete building was conceived in line with the writing and teachings of Erasmus. The subtle shifts represent small adjustments to ones' philosophy or opinions whereas the cantilever and glass facade represent a more substantial break or rupture with past conventions.


The detailed fragments of the facade, showing the insulating concrete that is used so no extra insulating material is needed. Only insulating concrete is all that it takes, low-tech detailing that fit the humble teachings and writings of Desiderius Erasmus, Rotterdam’s most famous son, who already had a university, a hospital and a bridge named after himself and now a philosophical center as well…The stairs in the Erasmushouse are a tribute to the stairs of the now unfortunately burnt-down Bouwkunde building by Van den Broek & Bakema. There is a shift where the stairs connect to the landings, this results in double heights and different confrontations with the building. In Bouwkunde, this was done in an orthogonal manner, here it is done at an angle not only to enhance the effect but also to frame the gaze to different parts of the building while walking up or down the stairs.

Tutors: Manou Huijbregts and Pelle Poiesz


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