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UPDATE 2019: The Hotel Jakarta I had the opportunity of working on at SeARCH was featured prominently in the VPRO Tegenlicht documentary Houtbouwers as they interviewed SeARCH principal Bjarne Mastenbroek, check it out here!

Hotel Jakarta is situated on the waterfront of Java-eiland in Amsterdam. The hotel rooms consist of prefabricated modules using cross-laminated-timber (CLT) as the load-bearing structure of the 30 m high building. For this project I worked with BIM software on obtaining the building permit, drawing technical details while also working on the materialisation with suppliers, worked on making a 1:1 mock-up of a hotelroom in close collaboration with our technical advisors and builders and making and reviewing multiple architectural design decisions within the 3D model.


The project has won multiple awards, Best Hotel at World Architecture Festival, Best Public Building at Architectenweb Awards, Amsterdam Architecture Prize and more!

For more information on Hotel Jakarta visit:


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