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→ The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) is both a knowledge institute that conducts and hosts research by design projects and a cultural platform that organises a Biennale. This cultural platform is used to set the agenda and to showcase and celebrate the results of (their) research by design projects in specific locations worldwide and/or on specific urgent topics.


While at IABR I explored, set up and guided Research by Design projects (Ateliers) together with (local) governments, stakeholders and design offices on the energy transition, circular (area) development, climate adaptation and SDG's (United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals), while also preparing exhibitions, proposed program elements, had meetings with (potential) program partners. I organised meetings, made presentations, material for exhibition (content and project lead), wrote texts for project plans, publications or website and edited publications such as the research by Team 1010 (1010au + Mariska Vogel & Ronald van der Heijden) for Test Site M4H+. Next to this I also co-guided the design studios (Civic, Team Over Morgen (Over Morgen, Urhahn, Personal Architecture), Team 1010 (1010au + Mariska Vogel & Ronald van der Heijden) responsible for the research by design projects of the ateliers that would end up in publications or exhibition and arranged the contracts between IABR and design studios who would conduct the research. I worked primarily on IABR–Atelier Rotterdam and translating the research into exhibition, program, publication and physical model, was project leader for the exploration of a possible Atelier Eindhoven, prepared the ongoing Atelier Dordrecht and explored an Atelier Zeeland with potential partners such as FUR (Future Urban Regions) at the Academies of Architecture.


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