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A collection of small side projects. 


FURNITURE - This is Gerrit. A bookshelf made from 6 identical strips of plywood that were found in a dumpster after the 2011 Graduation Show at the Rietveld Academy. Other furniture include plywood boxes, plywood coffee table benches on wheels and plywood kitchen doors.

GRAPHICS - Shortlisted entry (out of 1328 proposals by 747 artists) for the 2011 ArtMoves Billboard Art Festival „Reality or fiction? Let’s pretend it’s not there” in Torún, Poland. The proposal will be exhibited on a 5x2.4meter billboard in the Polish city of Torún from the 16th of September 2011 onwards, for details see

INTERVENTION - This project was an attempt to reactivate a group of buildings in Delfshaven until demolition: a graphic dazzle print painted over the buildings, use the blind walls as projection screens for video-art (in this example a film by Pipilotti Rist), images of hypothetical interiors projected or printed on the exterior, and finally to inflate an enormous object inside the buildings as a visual countdown until the moment of demolition. The project was developed together with architects Christian Meezen and Niek Kramer. Unfortunately the bulldozers were faster than the paintbrush and the buildings were demolished before we could get started.

© FRICTIEStudio, Ivo de Jeu

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