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→ London - Our proposal for a pavilion does not deal with design; no furniture, no architecture, no objects of desire. There is enough of that on show already!
Instead, we want to create a moment of contemplation far away from the hustle and bustle of the fair.

We offer you…outside.

How best to clear your head or rethink all you have seen at the fair by lying
down in the grass and gaze at the sky? Or what about taking off your shoes and give your tormented feet a well-deserved rest while you enjoy a refreshment or engage in a conversation? We intend to do just that by bringing the outside inside Tent London. We will provide a piece of grass and a real-time view of the London sky, that is basically it. The rest is up to you.

We will realize this by having a camera pointed upwards to the sky outside of the venue and beam this moving image directly onto the ceiling above our piece of grass. The need for a beamer enables us to create a gentle hill in which we neatly tuck away the projector and on this hill people can either sit, stand or lie down peacefully.

© FRICTIEStudio, Ivo de Jeu, Barbara Iwanicka

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