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The workshop that I gave together with Eric Frijters (founding partner .FABRIC) revolved around the topic 'The Amsterdam Canals in 400 years time'. We confronted the students with a scenario in which the western part of the Netherlands flooded and the only parts of Amsterdam that were protected were the airport and the city within the A10 ring road. On top of the flooded buildings in Amsterdam-North new constructions and communities emerged to service the newly formed archipelago. The city within the protected barrier remained mostly intact and new developments were concentrated within the dunescape with the Central Station area being radically transformed into a flat platform towards the water, welcoming visitors and finally reconnecting the city of 'Amsterduin / Amsterdune' with the IJ again after Cuypers' Central Station cut those ties abruptly at the end of the 19th century. 

Students: Aleksei Kanin, Arna Mackic, Bin Xu, Christian Tautz, David Habets, Jan Haeck, Lorien Beijaert, Luuc Sonke, Pablo Jimenez Moreno, Rianne van Raalte, Thijs Fris, Willemijn van Manen.

Tutors: Eric Frijters, Ivo de Jeu


© Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, .FABRIC

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