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Eindhoven - Greenhouse and garden, hotel and sauna combined create a community beacon. By combining seemingly incompatible programmatic elements a new building type is created, that delivers more than the sum of its parts.


Proposal to enrich a typical Dutch working-class neighbourhood with a gem in the shape of an irregular greenhouse that will rest on a heavy base. The project is part of a series of gems that in theory (as proposed by the social-housing agency) should form a necklace of architectural focal points housing non-standard programs to brighten up the neighbourhood. The greenhouse will house a fruit- and vegetable-garden, with hotel rooms and a sauna floating in mid-air on colourful pilotis.


The aim is to bring together different kinds of program that seem to be impossible to combine at first sight, but are quite logical when given it some thought. The project should become a meeting-point for people of different origin. The greenhouse will enable the growth of products from all over the world (just like the people from the neighbourhood). It will bring people together and knowledge about the different plants and dishes can be exchanged. The organic waste of the garden will be used to heat the sauna and hotel rooms and the excess heat of the sauna will bring a nice tropical climate to the greenhouse for all the exotic food to grow.


© FRICTIEStudio, Ivo de Jeu

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