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→ This project deals with the clash between an experimental avant-garde music venue and a monument. The goal of 2012Architects (now Superuse Studios) is to reduce waste and tranform industrial processes by using waste and recycled materials as the basis for specific design interventions. For this project in a national VOC-monument I made all the necessary drawings; from design-phase until permits and construction details as well as working on-site on the construction of the entrance.

"A flexible and transportable tool designed for a multimediacentre in Rotterdam which allows any available building to be adapted for having concerts and showing movies. For adapting the monumental VOC-building in 2005, additions are made, not interventions. All according to strict building law. The spatial lay-out is a route through the building which makes it possible to adjust the space to the expected guests. From entrance to store to foyer to auditorium the architecture becomes less outspoken and the soundinsulation rises. Using glass walls for the insulation changes the idea that an auditorium should be a ‘black box’ and the monument keeps it identity.

For this project Césare Peeren was nominated for the Best Young Architect Award 2005 by AMNai


Team: Césare Peeren, Ivo de Jeu"

More information on the WORM@VOC project here.

© 2012Architects, Superuse Studios

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